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Commitment to Excellence

So many times a new director has lists upon lists of things they want to accomplish or get done during their time at camp. And, so many times they feel as though that they are not accomplishing nearly the amount of things that they want or feel that they are the only voice trying to be heard on what needs to be done. Download: Camp Kern Evaluation Form Download: Camp Kern Committment of Excellence Report Wouldn’t it be easier if … Continue reading

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Bits & Bytes

Early this year we sent out surveys to companies who provide technology products and services specifically to children’s camps. These companies run the gamut from Web service and online interactive content providers to camp management software vendors, and everything in between that’s computer-based and makes the daily grind that much easier. What you’ll find is a breakdown of each software company’s offerings into products and pricing, technical requirements, connectivity, management/operations/database functions, registration functions, on-line interactive services, search-engine services, other services, … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

Are you preparing for a new camp season or are you preparing for another camp season? Are your sights set on the beginning of your camp season or are they set on what you will be able to do when the camp season is finally over? When someone makes a suggestion for improving your camp programming are you listening with optimism or are you thinking of reasons why the suggestion won’t work? When you interview a potential new employee are … Continue reading

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Incremental Improvement, Part 1

In 1978 I was hired as the summer camp program director for Camp Tecumseh YMCA in Indiana. Tecumseh suffered from the same fate as most camps in the ’70s — dwindling enrolment, deteriorating facilities, and crippling deficits that predicted eventual demise. Related Article: Incremental Improvement, Part 2 The board took a “one last noble effort” stand and hired visionary leaders in Richard “Dick” Marsh and Dave Wright with the goal of creating a “world class camp”… or else. We’re talking … Continue reading

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The EPA & U

“EPA Cites Central Connecticut State University for Water and Waste Violations” (EPA New England, 2002) “EPA Proposes $358,000 Penalty Against Fitchburg State College for Waste Violations” (EPA New England, 2003) “University of Washington to Spend $135,769 for CFCs Violations” US EPA Region 10: The Pacific Northwest (2003) These headlines are about a college and two universities, but make no mistake, they could be about your camp! Generally, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) mission is to “protect human health and … Continue reading

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