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Riding the Wind

It’s almost a cliché to quote Bob Dylan’s song, Blowin’ in the Wind. In fact, it is a cliché. But so what? The answer — at least one of the answers for your waterfront program — could really be Blowin’ in the Wind. Windsurfing, that is. And, even if you already run a program, here are some more tips and tricks for running a great program. A successful windsurfing program will provide your campers with… 1. That glint in their … Continue reading

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Beyond Summer

How many times have you told people that you are summer director and then been asked what do you do the rest of the year? I have had that experience countless times. Some camps are seasonal and take a year to prepare for, while others operate year round. So what programming should or do you do year-round? There are a couple of guidelines that directors should follow if they choose to run year round programming. First, only do something well. … Continue reading

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High Adventure

Are hiking, camping and wilderness activities worth the investment for a camp business owner? When you consider all the moves it takes to build a high-quality activity for your campers and the risk that needs to be managed because most of these activities require leaving the camp premises, it is tempting to limit camp programming to what can be accomplished at the camp facilities. However, when you consider the benefits which campers can gain by leaving their comfort zones and … Continue reading

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The Nature of Fun

We’ve all heard the shocking statistics about the rise in childhood obesity caused by inactivity and too many snacks. Communing with nature is an ideal way to get kids moving instead of staring at a video screen. Sometimes this isn’t as easy as it used to be. Way back in the dark ages, when I ran day camps before computers and i-Pods existed, my young campers eagerly built forts, learned how to build bricks out of mud and picked up … Continue reading

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Me & Willie

I know that a lot of y’all travel like crazy when you’re not in session. It’s part of the deal for many of you to take your show on the road. Travel is one of those mixed blessings, and there is definitely a curse component (the mixed portion of mixed blessing). Most of the curse comes from simply uprooting yourself from comfortable routine and living out of a suitcase. If that doesn’t get to you to some degree, please call … Continue reading

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