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It is certainly thick these days, rhetoric, that is. I could easily dash headlong into a political treatise on both the danger and power of rhetoric, but I won’t bore you with it or pretend I’m some kind of expert on the subject. However, what the current political wrangling blasted out from the seemingly infinite number of media outlets illustrates is how muddled and confusing it can be to make decisions these days. Somehow, in this postmodern age, we’ve been … Continue reading

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ADHD & MAM, Part 1

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), commonly referred to as ADD, is one of the polarizing subjects. Some think it’s a money-making scheme cooked up by pharmaceutical conglomerates, others think it’s a legitimate disease and diagnosis, but most simply don’t know much about it. Related Article: ADHD & MAM, Part 2 It is vital that all summer camp personnel be aware of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), what it means, and the most common medications prescribed to treat it. Here we’ll … Continue reading

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2004 Skatepark Report

Despite some fears that the skatepark-building craze is just a fad, the opposite appears true. Skating and biking on ramps and obstacles shows a consistent growth trend. The demand is still there, and shows no sign of abating. Camps are always looking for innovative programming ideas, and for many, skateparks help fit the bill. We compiled information from eight companies who provide a wide array of skatepark systems, from permanent concrete parks to portable, modular systems. These companies are actively … Continue reading

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