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Tree House

How do you as the director know you run a safe, enriching summer camp program? That all of your staff “get it” and that the goals and philosophies set are being achieved? The answer is that to ensure that these objectives are being achieved; you need to start at the top. Tree House Illustration During the winter season, as the director you met/recruited, and made promises to parents and campers, purchased the “best” safety equipment, researched the latest of extreme … Continue reading

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Hi-Ho Silver…

Traditional Programs Each summer we try and create new and better programs to excite the ideas and imaginations of our campers. High adventure seems to take on three types in the camping industry: out-trips, high challenge construction, or straight-forward adventure programming. Adventure, however each camp defines and uses it, is at the heart of what campers are looking for! To our parents and kids this is why they come to summer camp… to try new things, grow as a person, … Continue reading

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The Kayaking Effect

If you find yourself wondering at the end of a long, crazy, camp day, why you ever decided to make a career in camp business, take a moment to consider how much campers can get from what you provide. For example, think about what most adults look forward to during their working lives… going on a really fun vacation. Every year more people plan their vacations so that they can golf, mountain bike, inline skate, kayak, hike, sail or just … Continue reading

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Access to Adventure

Camp Snapshot SpringHill Camps Evart, Mich. and Freetown, Ind. Ages: Grades 1-12 Price: $250-$550 There are five degrees of separation between the two SpringHill Camps. The first camp, Camp 44, located in Evart, Mich., sits at the 44th parallel, while its four-year-old sibling, Camp 39, is five degrees south at the 39th parallel near Freetown, Ind. SpringHill began in 1969 with about 250 campers. This year, the non-denominational Christian camps expect more than 30,000 guests. The camp, obviously, has … Continue reading

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Time-Saving Ideas

How much does a faucet washer cost? Maybe a nickel? Wrong… The shower’s leaking bad in cabin #3 and you’ve got to fix it before the kids arrive. Your well-meaning maintenance assistant jumps in the truck and heads for the hardware store. If it’s only 10 miles away, she’ll burn up not only a whole hour of her time at $6 an hour, but the related taxes and benefits you pay on that hour, about $2 more. The truck costs … Continue reading

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