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Out in Front

So the summer is coming to a close and all most people want to think about is well-deserved rest and relaxation… Heck, maybe even get to bed before 10 p.m. for the first time in 12 weeks! True, much needed, and well deserved! But consider hanging on for one or two more weeks to ensure a brighter future a year from now. Camper recruitment is a process that is year-round, but very important steps can be taken during the summer … Continue reading

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Making Tradition Last

Tradition is an important part of the camp experience. These long-standing legacies are what define a camp’s character and its story. These perennial practices are what campers think about while they are day dreaming in school all winter long and what they look forward to every spring. Staff members discuss these curious customs whenever they reminisce with their peers, both those who work as counselors and those who do not. Traditions are those hand-me-down days, programs, songs, displays and activities … Continue reading

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Everyone Can Play!

Physical disabilities affect how the body moves. The most common physical disabilities found in children and young adults include cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, and spinal cord injuries. Depending on the level of impairment, children may need to rely on the use of a wheelchair, walker, crutches or braces for mobility. Regardless of disability and level of impairment, there is one thing that everyone has in common. Everyone loves to play! The challenge for camps is how to accommodate … Continue reading

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Designing Your Marketing Budget

Knowing how much you are going to spend on marketing is important to the success of any program. That may sound very simple. But for many businesses, summer camps included, the idea of marketing at all, never mind developing an accurate marketing budget, is often one of the last considerations. Why Marketing? Marketing is sometimes viewed like a visit to the dentist: necessary, but dreaded and, in some cases, avoided until it’s too late. Summer camps have traditionally relied on … Continue reading

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On Deck & Beyond

Achieving a cost-effective and successful pool environment needs to be predicated on a pool deck and surrounding facility that is “built right” on the first try. There is nothing more discouraging than investing in the construction of a new pool deck area only to find it riddled with maintenance headaches, high repair costs, or seeing it contribute to camper behavior problems. How to Avoid Design Mistakes 1. One of the most common (and costly) mistakes in pool deck designs is … Continue reading

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