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Crafting Smiles

What would camp be without those special arts and crafts projects campers make on a regular basis? Crafts provide an opportunity for creativity and communication. Children easily share thoughts and ideas while sitting next to fellow campers, sharing glue and paint. Crafts also help children develop self esteem. Try these two activities that provide artistic expression and help campers feel good about themselves… Blooming Artists Ever wish you could spend a quiet afternoon sitting at an easel next to a … Continue reading

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Developing Details

As a 14-year-old camper at Phantom Lake YMCA Camp (Mukwonago, Wis.) back in 1982, I can still remember how badly I wanted to be one of the older campers who were part of the camp’s Staff Development Program, or an SDP, as we called our junior counselors. Twenty-three years later, it still amazes me today how excited our older campers at YMCA Camp Benson get on the last day of a session when they are offered applications to our SDP … Continue reading

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On Deck & Beyond

Achieving a cost-effective and successful pool environment needs to be predicated on a pool deck and surrounding facility that is “built right” on the first try. There is nothing more discouraging than investing in the construction of a new pool deck area only to find it riddled with maintenance headaches, high repair costs, or seeing it contribute to camper behavior problems. How to Avoid Design Mistakes 1. One of the most common (and costly) mistakes in pool deck designs is … Continue reading

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Group Games

The secret to many of these games is not playing them too long. 10-20 minutes often being the maximum. If the kids aren’t allowed to play the game until they are tired of it they will look forward to playing it again later. Some games will work better if the group is broken down into several smaller groups. Stalking Materials needed: power stick, a blindfold How to play: Everyone sits in a circle facing the center. One person is picked … Continue reading

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Grass Roots

Or so you’d think based on all the grassroots rhetoric that’s pumped out to the electorate. There’s a lot of talk about grass, and roots, but little talk about what it really means. Out here in the Western hemisphere, we’re naturally inclined toward grassroots appeals, since our lives are so dependent on the notion of self government, or government by the people, which is apparently what that whole grassroots thing is all about. Without getting into the political history of … Continue reading

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