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Universally Direct

The hardest decisions to make in the beginning of the summer have to do with the efficient use of staff. There are different ways that camp directors attempt to approach this practice… Some attempt pre-season direct staff hiring for certain positions. They search for a specific arts and crafts instructor, land sports, archery instructor and so on. Others attempt to hire great people, train then and place them later. This involves a complicated training week, where every staff person is … Continue reading

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The Direct Path

CAMP SNAPSHOT Team Soccer Direct Thousand Oaks, Calif. Ages: 5-19 Cost: Varies between $90 and $395 for specialty skills sessions and residential camp options As brothers Dan and George Kuntz surveyed the kids kicking the black-and-white checked ball around, occasionally barking words of encouragement and offering advice, they recognized that this first three-hour soccer clinic was a good call. It was going great, especially for a first-time shot. The kids were enthusiastic and already picking up some of the finer … Continue reading

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Search Engine Spotlight

If there’s a truism in the camp business it’s that the Internet has unleashed a swarm of hits on camp websites as parents and kids use it to find the perfect camp. For a lot of camps those hits translate into more campers from a wider geographical area. It is the World Wide Web, and camps are even seeing more international flavor listed on their rolls. GET LISTED Listing your Web address in traditional media, like newspapers and magazines, will … Continue reading

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The Master Plan

Gearing Up Your destiny is often shaped by the choices you make. Will the improvements you make to your camp’s facilities keep pace with your demands of your campers? Are you gaining the most benefits from these improvements? Perhaps your camp programming has outgrown its indoor recreational facilities. Do you expand the existing facilities or do you design a new facility in a more central location? Which of these choices will require less maintenance? Before you can answer these questions … Continue reading

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Maintaining Safety

The owner or operator of a public/semi-public swimming pool must do everything possible to assure the safety of patrons and to safeguard them from injury or incident. Swimming pools must be chemically treated and mechanically cleaned so that the user is not misled by water turbidity or cloudiness when judging its depth. Ladders, diving boards, slides, handrails and other apparatus must be inspected regularly and kept in good repair. Main-drain covers must be firmly fixed in place. Underwater lights must … Continue reading

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