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Nix Nurses At The Med Center

Consider training some of your camp staff as emergency medical technicians. Photo Courtesy Of Dr. Craig Jacobus

Camp nurses are one of the most challenging summer positions to fill. Nurses are highly qualified, and they may have a difficult time asking for even a week off from their regular commitment to work a lower-paying or volunteer job at a camp. Last year, while Camp Rivercrest in Fremont, Neb., was facing this challenge, an idea emerged that revolutionized the health center and first-aid care, both during summer camp and year-round. It all began because one of the part-time … Continue reading

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Access To Programs

You can help a child and his family determine if your camp is the best one for him. © Can Stock Photo Inc./lisafx

Since Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)[i], with some exceptions[ii], generally requires integrated access to programs for individuals with disabilities, camps and other outdoor programs have faced several challenges. Importantly, campers seeking access may or may not have a legally protected disability. They may nonetheless have a significant health issue, or simply not be ready or willing to handle what the programs have to offer. This article examines the value in developing Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) for … Continue reading

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Rest Insured

The right insurance means longevity for your camp. © Can Stock Photo Inc./igordutina

The role of insurance is vital to your camp’s overall risk management plan because it provides the resource needed to fund the losses a camp may incur. This article offers insights and tips in understanding the role insurance plays, selecting a viable insurance broker, and acquiring adequate insurance coverage. The purchase of an insurance policy to pay claims is a function of risk management called “Risk Transfer.” In other words, should a loss occur, the camp will transfer all or … Continue reading

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It’s More Than Just Words On A Shirt

A T-shirt makes a great camp souvenir! Photo courtesy of CustomInk

It’s the first day of camp: SUVs and minivans are pulling onto the grounds, and parents are hastily unloading children and luggage. While some campers are excited to return and visit with old pals, others are more hesitant about spending an entire week, or more, away from the comforts of home and familiar faces. This extended time with “strangers” can be scary for a child–especially a first-year camper. As a camp director, counselor, or staff member, you know this often … Continue reading

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The Fight For Innocence

In 1993, I was a young risk-management professional presenting my first child sexual-abuse seminar to a youth organization in theMidwest. The content of the talk was based on the insurance industry’s examination of claims experience, combined with its interpretation of root causes and contributing factors. Little did I know at the time that the information and strategies I presented that day would have little–if any–chance of detecting or preventing abuse. Fast forward 16 years, and the national headlines of child-abuse … Continue reading

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