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Through A Different Lens

Photos Courtesy Of Double H Ranch

Over the past several years, summer camps have reached a crossroads in the digital era where tradition meets technology. For the true-blue traditionalists, camp policy dictates that campers must not pack their beloved devices, untethering children from the fast-paced routine they endure at home in exchange for the opportunity to “plug in” to nature. Leading trust walks through the woods, these directors go to great lengths to steward their campers through the serene surroundings of camp.  For the 21st-century pioneers, … Continue reading

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The Power Of Partnerships

In a three-way partnership, Rolling River Day Camp, Peninsula Counseling Center, and local merchants teamed up to provide children with a safe, enriching summer experience at no cost to the family. 
Photos Courtesy Of Rolling River Day Camp

While employed as a marketing professional, I had grown accustomed to facing difficult corporate business problems. However, as I sat at my desk on a cold November day in 2009, it was an issue within my parents’ small business that really had me perplexed. As owners/directors of Rolling River Day Camp (RRDC) in East Rockaway, N.Y., they described a problem with meeting financial-assistance requests for the upcoming camp season. My father, once a scholarship camper himself, often provided families in … Continue reading

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Expect To Survive

A winter camping trip provided more confidence than the energy it took build a campsite, make dinner, complete avalanche training lessons, dig for buried beacons, and test snowpack conditions.

I committed to the Explore Program Winter Intro before really knowing the details. If I had known that it was a backpacking, snowshoeing, avalanche training, dig-a-campsite-out-of-a-snow-covered-mountain overnight adventure, I never would have signed up. In Southern California, where I grew up, it’s only snowed once. And although I have vacationed in snow country, I never had camped in it. In addition, I had never backpacked, never worn snowshoes, and didn’t own any of the gear necessary for such endeavors. Much … Continue reading

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The Effective Marketing System

Be sure to deliver a powerful first impression with your website. 
Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Elenathewise

There is a a simple process that provides a workable, simplified system to get the word out about your camp… one that should help keep the bunks filled season after season. Each step is designed to build on the previous one. You can ignore any of the steps you don’t feel comfortable using. However, the plan’s effectiveness is based on the idea of building a solid foundation, one brick on top of another. Step One: Initial Contact There are several … Continue reading

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It’s Lonely At The Top

Take the time to talk to other directors, camp professionals, and corporate managers about what they deem as proper and appropriate social interactions in the workplace. 
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As a kid, a teenager, and even as a young adult, I loved camp. I planned my camping career path tirelessly as I worked my way from counselor, up through the ranks to senior leadership—program director, assistant director, and finally … my ultimate goal—summer camp director. So after careful planning, on-the-job training and experiences, talking to other camp professionals, and plenty of post-secondary education and certification, things were great! Programs ran smoothly, registration was improving, and people seemed happy … … Continue reading

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