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Mason-Jar Meals


Originally designed for canning jams, jellies, and vegetables, mason jars are no longer just for food preservation. Not only do they provide a visual treat, but they are a great way to offer a grab-and-go lunch in single servings to a crowd. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to brainstorm how to translate favorite recipes into a mason-jar friendly meal.  Easily accommodate a crowd by creating individual servings of entrees that can then be customized … Continue reading

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The Financial Feasibility Of Growing A Camp

Photos Courtesy Of: Daniel Walker

 Camp is an exciting place—a place of growth, learning, trying new things, testing the waters, searching, and wonder. Is it so difficult to imagine why camp leadership loves to build or try new concepts? But a camp cannot afford for opportunities to get in the way of a successful operation. Therefore, it is important to determine the costs of growing a camp. From starting a new program to hiring additional staff members to building a state-of-the-art auditorium—what does it cost? … Continue reading

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Social Media

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Over the past 10 years, social media have had an enormous impact on our culture. Face-to-face communication is quickly becoming outdated, and online communication is becoming the wave of the future. Grandmothers have Twitter handles, and “hashtags” are a household term. Love it or not, social media are here to stay.  How does the camping industry contend with these technological changes, and, more importantly, how do social media change the ways camps communicate with campers?  Even in this area, there … Continue reading

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Savvy Selling Tips

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Marketing is exceptionally important for camp directors. Since it’s common to make mistakes in this area, here are some pitfalls to avoid:  Mistake #1: Withholding Pertinent Information Imagine if, while planning an upcoming trip, you discover a website on which seems to be an interesting destination. It promises “beautiful facilities,” “delicious food,” “fun activities,” and “great prices,” but there are no pictures of the facilities, no sample menu, no list of offered activities, and no pricing list. There isn’t even … Continue reading

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These Kids Are Hungry!


It had been a great start to summer camp, but now, on the last meal of the week, several campers were blatantly breaking rule number six: “Do not carry any food out of the cafeteria.” As the new program director for South Mountain Christian Camp in Bostic, N.C., I wasn’t sure what to do. Before I could make a decision, however, the executive director, and co-founder of the camp, leaned over to me. “Just let it go. Don’t worry about … Continue reading

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