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Facebook Friends

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Social media can, and already have, revolutionized the way camp owners, directors, counselors, campers, and parents interact. These outlets are invaluable assets for fundraising, marketing, and, most importantly, relationship-building and communication. The vast majority of campers and staff likely have social-media accounts, which have become instrumental in retaining campers. In addition to stories and shared events, the excitement about returning to camp can now easily be spread in a matter of seconds to a vast number of people. Furthermore, one … Continue reading

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Unscheduled Time

Photos Courtesy of Trail Blazer Camps

If the term “decentralized camping” is Googled, you will find a wealth of papers and books dedicated to the subject, yet you would be hard-pressed to find many current programs or camps that utilize this approach. After 150 years of summer camp, this philosophy apparently has all but vanished from the diverse world of camps.  The original idea was developed in the early 1920s by Lois Goodrich and Dr. L.B. Sharp at Life Camps (later to become Trail Blazer Camps), … Continue reading

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A Camper With Diabetes…

Photos Courtesy of Central Ohio Diabetes Association

In 1964, five central-Ohio physicians collaborated in educating the community due to the increasing number of diabetic patients in their care. The doctors created the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, a nonprofit agency that continues to offer education and resources to people with diabetes in and around Columbus, Ohio. Three years later, in 1967, these same physicians discovered their pediatric diabetic patients were being refused access to summer camp, solely based on their Type 1 diabetes. Following a visit to Camp … Continue reading

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Programming Ideas


Activities Bubbly Water Slide We make a ‘water slide’ for the July Fourth weekend … kids love it! The water comes right from the well so it’s freezing cold, but even so, the kids just love it and line up. To add a little bit of fun, we add bubble-bath mix to the water so when the kids reach the base of the water slide, there is a small catchment pool with loads of foamy suds. Betty Taylor Beaver Spring … Continue reading

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Through A Different Lens

Photos Courtesy Of Double H Ranch

Over the past several years, summer camps have reached a crossroads in the digital era where tradition meets technology. For the true-blue traditionalists, camp policy dictates that campers must not pack their beloved devices, untethering children from the fast-paced routine they endure at home in exchange for the opportunity to “plug in” to nature. Leading trust walks through the woods, these directors go to great lengths to steward their campers through the serene surroundings of camp.  For the 21st-century pioneers, … Continue reading

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