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Make A Healthy Plate

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Whether conquering a fear of heights by trying the high ropes, swimming in a lake for the first time, or tasting a new food, camp is a place for kids to learn, grow, and experience new adventures. At Camp Ho Mita Koda in Newbury, Ohio, campers do all those things, plus learn how to count carbohydrates, check their own blood sugar, and give themselves their own shot of insulin. Camp Ho Mita Koda is the oldest camp in the nation … Continue reading

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A Camper With Diabetes…

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In 1964, five central-Ohio physicians collaborated in educating the community due to the increasing number of diabetic patients in their care. The doctors created the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, a nonprofit agency that continues to offer education and resources to people with diabetes in and around Columbus, Ohio. Three years later, in 1967, these same physicians discovered their pediatric diabetic patients were being refused access to summer camp, solely based on their Type 1 diabetes. Following a visit to Camp … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Territory

It is important to think outside the box of traditional snacks to accommodate gluten-intolerant individuals.
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When preparing food for a large group of people, the administration of a camp may find it difficult to adhere to the guidelines of special diets. Basic knowledge of the different food allergies and intolerances can help staff members understand how better to serve campers who may require additional attention. For example, Celiac Disease—once thought of as rare—affects as many as 1 in 133 people, or more than 2-million Americans, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and … Continue reading

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Kitchen Cent$

The most effective camps evaluate budget costs with a return-on-investment mentality. 
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This time of year is often consumed by projections and deadlines to submit next year’s food budget. Although the numbers may seem enormous, don’t lose sight of the fact that financial success in the kitchen is won or lost by pennies at a time. There are three ways to determine a dining-services budget. The best way is cost-projecting—determining an actual cost per camper and multiplying that figure by the number of expected campers. The next best way is using the … Continue reading

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Kick Nutrition Up A Notch

Modifying recipes may not turn picky eaters into vegetable lovers, but they may be inclined to try a dish before denying it. 
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Providing meals for campers often involves finding a balance between foods that promote health and options campers will actually eat—all while taking cost and resource limitations into consideration. Unfortunately, many children arrive at camp with a wide range of food aversions or preferences that range from the very specific to the very general (i.e., “I don’t eat cottage cheese” to “I don’t eat ANY fruits and vegetables”). Considering that some children require 20 or more introductions to a food before … Continue reading

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