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On And Off The Court

Flat surfaces with lines? Check. Nets and posts?  Check. Fencing and lighting? Check. Perfectly clean surfaces free from debris, cracks, and stains? If that last item can’t be checked off, it looks like your basketball and tennis courts have something in common–a need for maintenance. While it’s tempting to think of sports surfaces that are hard and flat as also being maintenance-free, that’s not exactly the case. Like all sports facilities, tennis and basketball courts require periodic care to keep … Continue reading

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Maximum Participation

Courtesy Of Camp For All

Setting its sights on enriching the lives of children and adults with challenging illnesses and special needs, Camp For All wanted to make sure its activities were as barrier-free as its facilities. Doing so meant there were multiple ways to participate in activities, and all campers were able to succeed. So how does one make a high-adventure course universal? When the camp opened its gates in 1998, it contained a 30-foot climbing tower that included a two-element pole approach with … Continue reading

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Laying The Groundwork

Getting ready for the summer season often means airing out short-sleeved shirts and shorts, seeing if the porch furniture needs any repairs, and hunting for the bug spray. And when you think about it, getting a camp’s sports facilities ready for the coming year shouldn’t be much different from spring cleaning. For those who have a co-op agreement with a local school, college, or university, prepping sports fields isn’t something you have to worry about. They’re already in use, so … Continue reading

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Proactive Maintenance

Many bad puns have been made about the importance of good lighting in a camp’s sports facilities. They include not being in the dark, getting turned on to the knowledge of superior facilities, having the power to make a change, and several more. But all joking aside, lighting is one of the best investments in terms of increasing user safety (and that is a priceless commodity). Accidents can happen. Injuries can occur. Problems can crop up. And let’s face it, … Continue reading

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A Place To Touch Base

A modern yet rustic dining hall.

In 1923, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) opened the Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base in Ely, Minn., to provide deep-wilderness canoeing for youth participants. It is located on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and adjacent to the Superior National Forest, along the North American/Canadian border. The base has served as a “High Adventure” experience, and has continually challenged young men to experience the wild northern forests while canoeing in some of the most remote lakes … Continue reading

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