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Keep The Sun At Bay

It wasn’t until recently that sunscreen became a staple in the parks and recreation lexicon. As a child growing up in southern California, I fondly remember hot summer weekends schlepping behind my mother–a Boogie board in tow–to the beach. Besides a towel or two, a book for my mother and some pocket change for an ice cream cone, nothing ever appeared to be missing. Lack of scientific data and little information available to the public on skin cancer meant the … Continue reading

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Breath-Holding Dangers

A recent drowning is bringing attention to the dangers of breath-holding training and competitions. The Redwoods Group has produced this video, presented by president and CEO Kevin Trapani, to emphasize those dangers. Their advice: “Our guidance is do not allow any type of breath-holding training. This means no prolonged or competitive breath-holding or intentional hyperventilation. You can prevent a tragedy: Be aware. Prolonged breath-holding can cause unconsciousness and happen to anyone at any time, regardless of swim or athletic ability. … Continue reading

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Buddy Up!

While visiting many camps, the most dangerous thing I witness repeatedly is lifeguards and waterfront directors who have no idea how or why they do buddy checks, and what they are supposed to be looking for. It almost always goes like this: Me: “Why do kids swim with buddies?” Lifeguard: “It only takes half as long to count them during buddy checks.” Here’s the crux: no matter how often buddy checks are conducted (every 10 minutes, every 5 minutes, etc.), … Continue reading

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Reap The Benefits

Earning awards ensures competence and self-confidence

An important component of a successful sailing program is a structured awards system. Although some camps hesitate to implement a program in which not all campers receive recognition, the benefits outweigh the negatives. For example, an awards program motivates campers to further develop their sailing skills and knowledge. Establishing and incorporating a systematic and age-appropriate program also ensures superior instruction, accountability and interest. Getting Started Whether the program lasts for a day, week, or entire season, start by assessing the … Continue reading

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Alternative Adventures

At our summer day camp for children ages 5 to 12, we have had great success with inflatable water slides and obstacle courses to increase program activities without spending big money on new facilities. The 30-foot double-lane water slide cost less than $3,000 while the obstacle course cost less than $4,000. For a summer camp program for young children, these inflatable water slides and challenge courses are a big hit. Children in this age group will play on these structures … Continue reading

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