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Ready, Set, Slide!

You, too, can create a camp Slip 'N Slide. Photo Courtesy Of Kanakuk Kamps

What do 214 feet of pure, liquid awesomeness feel like when it’s 105 degrees outside and you’re zooming downhill with your arms stretched out like Superman, being sprayed by a hundred streaming water spouts and landing in a bodacious, cataclysmic splashdown? Answer: Cardiac Falls at Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, Mo. Cardiac Falls is one of three Slip ‘n Slides to grace the grounds of Kanakuk in recent years. And, as the heat indexes of the last two summers have plagued … Continue reading

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Be A Good Neighbor

Is your camp a good waterfront neighbor? Photo courtesy of Brenda Moreau

Imagine the sounds of a peaceful lake in the mountains on a summer morning–the birds chirping, fish jumping out of the water for a bite to eat and splashing back in, and the spinning of a reel as you cast off to pull in the first catch of the day. This is one form of summertime bliss heard in the wooded playground of the camp’s surroundings. For you, the more familiar sound is of children laughing, playing, and building skills … Continue reading

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Shade Structures

Remember those teenagers who used to baste themselves with baby oil and park on beach towels all day long? They grew up to become sun safety-conscious adults. These days, they are the parents of SPF-using, hat-wearing shade-seekers, and they’re none too pleased when they see camps that don’t offer some respite from the sun. Fortunately, camps are taking these needs into consideration. Pools and picnic areas, once the haven of sunbathers, are featuring covered shelters. Even sports facilities–where onlookers often … Continue reading

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Doubt It or Drill It?

This time of year, I’m in high gear. I’ll visit 22 camps in the 35 days between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The airport lounges, rental cars and stalled traffic get old fast, but the interaction with directors and staff is endlessly invigorating. Their questions force me to think. This year, more than in any of the previous 15 seasons, I’ve responded to questions about the waterfront. Should water skiers wear helmets like the wake boarders do? Should … Continue reading

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Hiring Lifeguards

As the warm weather approaches, camp administrators are probably considering hiring lifeguards for summer pool and aquatic activities. Hiring would be much easier if all lifeguards were required to have the same skills verified by the same certification, ensuring they were properly trained in the latest rescue techniques and procedures, as well as on the equipment necessary to perform such duties. However, this is not the case. A variety of lifeguard certification programs exist in North America and throughout the … Continue reading

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