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Teaching Sports Skills

Have you ever coached one of those motor-gifted athletes who can pull off a perfect left-hand layup or synchronize a dolphin kick, or send a golf ball into orbit on just the first or second try? In fact, if someone can perform all three of these sports skills with a short learning curve, this person is in very select company. For most of us mortals, mastering a complex sports skill can be a long process peppered with setbacks. Many beginning … Continue reading

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Social Marketing

Used primarily by civic organizations, social marketing, in its purest form, is about researching local community needs and promoting new behaviors to help meet these needs. A myriad of social problems can be addressed by social marketing techniques that create initiatives to prevent teenage pregnancy, increase voter turnout, enhance media literacy, prevent family violence, improve nutritional and exercise habits, and encourage more students to graduate from high school. Camp business owners invest in the social marketing approach because it not … Continue reading

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The Root Of The Issue

If you rely on athletic fields for most outdoor programming, take a proactive approach in influencing the budget and quality of the fields. Strategic planning and caring for the fields–especially those that support multi-purpose activities–cultivate a safe and attractive space that fully supports camp programming. However, before you start to see the maintenance dollar signs and worry about how it will drain the budget, you might be surprised to learn that most of the strategies don’t cost a penny, and … Continue reading

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Aquatic Accessibility

According to the American Journal of Public Health, an estimated 54 million people in the United States were living with a disability in 2005. Considering the average lifespan of both the able and disabled is climbing, it is reasonable to assume that number is even larger now. Perhaps more importantly, these 54-plus million people are taking advantage of improved technologies to lead a significantly more active lifestyle. This active lifestyle goes to the heart of camping. So, its no surprise … Continue reading

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The Power of Group Partnerships

Partnering with area schools and working to bring their students and teachers to your camp not only adds to your bottom line, but is also a powerful promotional tool which can boost your traditional enrollment and enhance your camp’s image. Bringing The School (Or Class) To Camp Bringing a local school, grade or individual class to camp can be very attractive to teachers and students. After all, you provide plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning experiences (different from what they … Continue reading

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