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Saving Face in a Bold-faced Lie

"I didn't do it!"

Kids lie all the time. Grown-ups do, too, in big and small ways. Sometimes we lie to be polite, as in: “That looks fabulous!” or “This is delicious!” Perhaps protecting someone else’s feelings makes lying permissible, but lying to protect ourselves often leads to trouble. So in our work with children, how should we respond to the inevitable lying that occurs? How can we raise truthful youth? “I didn’t do it!” is probably the most common lie youngsters tell. Or, in … Continue reading

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Standing Out


My 9-year-old son, Sava, took a field trip to the State House in Concord, New Hampshire, with his class on Monday. Like any good parent, I asked him what he learned. “I’m the only kid without a smartphone” was his reply. Interesting civics lesson. Sava went on to describe the one-hour bus ride from Exeter to the state capital. “Everyone pulled out their smartphones and started playing games. All I had was the iPod Shuffle that Grandma gave me.” (What … Continue reading

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A Healthy Lead

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Staff members are usually on top of their game until they start treating their job like one. Once young people lose sight of the importance of caring for other people’s children, taking unhealthy risks increases. By contrast, if they rest playful leadership on the three-legged stool of sleep, exercise, and nutritional food, their resilience and stamina also increase. Ask Not What Your Camp Can Do for You Does this sound idealistic? Do you wonder where on earth you might find … Continue reading

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Watch Out For One Another

When you see something, say something -- in a kind and professional way. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / diego_cervo

Part III: How staff members can help each other observe professional boundaries In Parts I and II of this article series on maintaining professional boundaries with youth, I introduced the concept of a fiduciary, and revealed the vulnerabilities that tempt adults to cross boundaries. When you are comfortable with the concept of a fiduciary and fluent in the vulnerabilities that make us human (and therefore sometimes dangerous), you are ready to stabilize your proficiency with peer support. In Part III, … Continue reading

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Time Redesign

What are your time-management obstacles?

Attacking Five Common Enemies of Efficiency Part 1 of this Week-Ender series (“The Science of Time Management”) drew the distinction between controllable and uncontrollable aspects of our existence. Readers can review my recommendations for making deliberate choices that maximize control and happiness here. But what happens when we intend to make a choice — such as mowing the lawn before watching the game on TV, or cleaning out the closet before shopping for new clothes — and we fail? What … Continue reading

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