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Confessions Of A Pop-Up Queen

As the high school sophomore bobbed in the water, supportive counselors shouted encouragement at her first water-skiing attempt. “Let the boat pull you up! Keep your arms straight! Get the tips out of the water!” Giving a nod that she was ready, she saw the boat pick up speed. Like the majority of beginning skiers, she rose out of the water a few inches and then crashed face first. As the boat circled around to help her try again, she … Continue reading

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35 Creative Programming Ideas for 2009

The results are in and the ideas are plentiful! We invited readers to submit their most creative programming ideas to find out what keeps their camp ticking. After the submissions came pouring in, we knew we had several gems to share with Camp Business readers. Take a look and see if there’s anything you can use to spice up the upcoming camp season and thanks to everyone who participated! Food A Feeding Frenzy One program that occurs each year at … Continue reading

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A Royal Treat

It is a typical camp setting. LakeWhatcom sparkles in the background; tall fir trees drop pine cones on cabin roofs while happy campers swim, tie-dye T-shirts, and shop in the camp store. The daily schedule includes games, crafts, a carnival, magic shows, counselors’ skits and, of course, the all-camp talent show. Just another normal camp designed to give kids a memorable week of new experiences. From outward appearances, this camp is like any other residential camp across the country. It’s … Continue reading

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Crafts Most Camps Have Never Done

As summer approaches, camps across the country start to gather supplies for the inevitable craft classes, such as Popsicle stick picture frames, painted rocks and apple prints. Now there’s nothing wrong with traditional crafts, but how about trying something a bit out of the ordinary? Ever decorated Styrofoam mannequin heads or gotten campers involved in making artistic trading cards? How about some super-gross papier-mache creatures? The following are some ideas designed to add an element of fun and creativity to … Continue reading

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Crash Course In Crafting

Martha Stewart began her billionaire’s climb to fame and fortune by cooking and making crafts. Millions of loyal fans follow her suggestions for arts and crafts projects. Why not let your young parks and recreation customers enjoy the creativity that develops from making easy arts projects? There’s no need for picture-perfect results. Part of the fun of crafting involves letting children feel free to experiment with colors, textures and designs. If they want to make a three-eyed puppet—let them. Flying … Continue reading

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