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Read It To Believe It

This camper has many happy summer memories!

Ever wonder about the impact a camp program really has on campers? Does it matter whether staff members have camp names, or whether the camp hosts skit nights, or offers creative craft projects? Evidently it does! The following anecdotes are from adults who obviously have many fond, positive memories from camp: Caring Counselor I will never forget my first camp counselor. He had the ability to make us feel like we owned camp. He was always there to support us, … Continue reading

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Summer Staff Icebreakers

As new camp staff members arrive, it’s important to welcome them and incorporate them into the team. Try some of these icebreakers to encourage old and new staff to mingle as they prepare for a summer of non-stop camp activities and responsibilities. Beach Ball Reveal Before staff members arrive, cover a beach ball with “conversation starters,” using permanent marker. Include questions or statements such as: • If a movie was made about your life, which celebrity would you want to … Continue reading

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Let’s Hit The Beach…

Just because you don’t have a pool or access to a lake doesn’t mean you can’t offer fun, creative, healthy aquatics programming. Here are 12 ideas sure to please even the most discerning customer: 1. Summer sand castle fun. Ask a local construction or gravel company to donate a truck full of sand. (If that doesn’t work, offer to pay!) Find an out-of-the-way place where kids can have unstructured play in the sand. Toss out plastic buckets, milk jugs and … Continue reading

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Solely Responsible

Ask me how to keep 100 campers happy on a rainy afternoon, and I’ll rattle off a list of activities. Do you need directions on how to tie-dye T-shirts? No problem. I can even tell you how to do it with unsweetened Kool-Aid. Call on me if you need summer staff training. Yes, when it comes to working with camps, I am totally in my element. But right now, I’m out of my comfort zone. For the last 18 months, … Continue reading

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Crossing The Recreation Path On Reality TV

Whether we admit it or not, most of us have watched a reality-TV show. A few years ago, I received a call from the producer of the FOX reality show, “Trading Spouses.” The premise of the show is to have the moms from two different families switch places. After sheepishly admitting I had never seen the show, I nonetheless agreed to turn in the paperwork. Before we knew it, my husband Allan and I, along with our 15-year-old daughter Sondra, … Continue reading

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