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A Place For Grace

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After learning how to hold their miniature violins, the next thing 3-year old Suzuki students learn is how to perform a deep, gracious bow. Although the first notes they play will sound like a choking cat, they end their performance with dignity. Bending slowly at the waist, they intone: “One, two, three … hello, toes!” and “One, two, three … up!” Many parents new to the Suzuki method dismiss this exercise as either premature or quaint. (Shouldn’t my child actually … Continue reading

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Do You Want A Spanking?

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As an academic psychologist and practicing clinician, I’ve studied parent-child interactions in many settings—hospitals, clinics, university laboratories, refugee settlements, schools, homes, and summer camps. While these locales appeal to the scientist in me, there exists no better place to study parent-child interactions than the supermarket. Yes, the supermarket. And within the supermarket, there exists no better place to observe the range of human behavior than—you guessed it—the cereal aisle. Once there, one can observe what sometimes appears to be a … Continue reading

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Dazzling Surprises

In the world of quantum physics, there is a good chance that if I throw a pebble at a brick wall, the pebble will teleport through to the other side, leaving the wall intact. Many scientists have done this exercise with atomic nuclei and force fields. In fact, if you started throwing pebbles now from a camp sports field at a stone wall near the parking lot and stuck around for a trillion trillion trillion times the age of the … Continue reading

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A Healthy Lead

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Staff members are usually on top of their game until they start treating their job like one. Once young people lose sight of the importance of caring for other people’s children, taking unhealthy risks increases. By contrast, if they rest playful leadership on the three-legged stool of sleep, exercise, and nutritional food, their resilience and stamina also increase. Ask Not What Your Camp Can Do for You Does this sound idealistic? Do you wonder where on earth you might find … Continue reading

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Courageous Ignorance

Asking about another person’s experiences is the first essential step toward preventing prejudice and racism.
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If you’ve seen my photo or met me at a conference, you might wonder what gives me—a white male—the qualifications or street cred to write about prejudice and diversity. And some would consider that racism. That’s the rub, isn’t it? My provenance isn’t clear from my skin color. Neither is anyone else’s. So why pre-judge my talents based on my skin color? Sure, I could tell you that I’m a quarter-Swedish, a quarter-German and half-English. That might explain my light … Continue reading

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