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Nearly Half of Americans Participate in Outdoor Recreation

WASHINGTON, DC  – Almost 143 million Americans, or 49.2 percent of the US population, participated in an outdoor activity at least once in 2013. Although the actual number of outdoor participants increased since 2012, the participation rate fell slightly, due to population growth. The findings are part of The Outdoor Foundation’s 2014 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report, the leading report tracking American participation trends in outdoor recreation with a focus on youth and diversity. The Outdoor Foundation’s eighth annual Outdoor Recreation … Continue reading

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What’s Left After A Loss

Ashes of memories.

My best friends and I combed through the sooty remains of the log cabin and wondered: What’s left? The fire had been so hot that it melted the window glass and incinerated pretty much everything else. We found the cast iron woodstove, the porcelain sink and tub, and the soundboard from the upright piano. (You can see it lying in the rubble there in the photo.) We’d started coming to Sam’s cabin one year after Will’s 18-month-old died of a … Continue reading

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16 Low Cost Gifts That Mean A Lot

Gifts don’t need to be expensive to create powerful memories. 

In my younger days, I vividly recall both of my grandmothers lamenting how, as we age, the days seem to pass by more quickly. Never is that more true than during the rush and bustle of the end-of-the-year holidays and beginning of a fresh new year. With the holiday season so near, those of us who didn’t finish our shopping in July (I am related to some of those folks, and I did not get that genetic trait!) do our … Continue reading

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Night Hike Sensory Activities

Merge the five senses with nature using a night hike.

Night hikes are always a popular offering for a multitude of reasons that play into one overarching theme: the promise of the unexpected. If your night hikes have become stale, try sprinkling in one or more of these options to up the level of interest and camper excitement. Sight Guess the Color Materials: one crayon for each camper As light dims, so too does the ability of our eyes to discern colors. Once campers are deep in darkness, pass out … Continue reading

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3 Decisions I’m Making This Fall That I Didn’t Make Last Fall

What do you do for personal growth?

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” –Calvin Coolidge Last month I shared with you 5 Tools I’m Using This Fall That I Didn’t Use Last. I’d like to follow that up this month with some “things” that I’m choosing to do this fall. You see, growth and progress are incredibly important to me and I would bet they are to you also. Benjamin Franklin reminded us that without them, “words … Continue reading

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