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Standing Out


My 9-year-old son, Sava, took a field trip to the State House in Concord, New Hampshire, with his class on Monday. Like any good parent, I asked him what he learned. “I’m the only kid without a smartphone” was his reply. Interesting civics lesson. Sava went on to describe the one-hour bus ride from Exeter to the state capital. “Everyone pulled out their smartphones and started playing games. All I had was the iPod Shuffle that Grandma gave me.” (What … Continue reading

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10 Summer Camp Professionals to Follow On Twitter


In my last piece for the Week-Ender, I provided a basic guide to maximizing your Twitter time. Now, to expand your Twitter social circle, this post features ten popular, camp-related Twitter accounts to follow. Consider checking out their followers as well–the real value of Twitter is the multiple channels and opportunities for interaction. @CampBusiness The Twitter account of Camp Business magazine, updated daily with links to articles and blog posts covering the business of summer camps and all it encompasses. … Continue reading

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Mindful Practice

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“Practice makes progress” has replaced the phrase “practice makes perfect” in the lexicon of most teachers, coaches, and camp staff members. Maybe this is a reflection of the 21st-century emphasis on authoritative parenting. Or perhaps youth leaders have become neurotic about not making youngsters themselves neurotic. It’s also possible that we are more informed than ever about what contributes to success. Rather than attaining perfection, we now understand that striving for perfection is the key to meaningful achievement in life. … Continue reading

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Creating A More Joyful Journey

As a passionate advocate for camp, I feel strongly that what sets our industry apart is the ability to share with one another our challenges, obstacles, solutions and best practices. We are a uniquely supportive community—one that is made up of individuals that seek out opportunities to connect and share new ideas. While I am no longer a full-time camp professional, I have the privilege of working with camp professionals around the country as they consider the ways in which … Continue reading

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The Top Six Things I’m Doing Today to Prepare for Summer 2014

“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.”—Elbert Hubbard “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” –Alexander Graham Bell Here’s a quick rundown of the six things I’m doing today to prepare for summer 2014. With the Parents: 1)  Evaluating. We’re busy looking at camper numbers.  No, not the new campers, the returning campers.  It’s my belief that retention is the key sign of a healthy camp.  In my organization (YMCA) 55% is … Continue reading

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