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Rehearse and Redo – Making Sure They Really Get It

I try not to hover. Parenting is a constant challenge to balance restriction and freedom. On the restriction side, I want to provide appropriate boundaries, offer wise guidance and coach my boys to success. On the freedom side, I want them to explore, make mistakes and get a little banged up. As 11-year-old Scotty’s mother encourages him to do in the movie The Sandlot, “Run around, scrape your knees, get dirty. Climb trees, hop fences. Get into trouble, for crying … Continue reading

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The One Secret to Smashing Stress You Haven’t Tried

Don't let stress steal our peace.

Did you sleep well last night? Not in cliched terms, like logs and babies, but real, restful sleep? Or did you toss and turn, unable to silence your frazzled mind long enough to let go of worry for eight short hours so you could face today fresh and rested? Stress is largely a self-created state of mind. It starts simply: the need to do ‘just a little more’ to keep up, to stay a step ahead, to finish our tasks … Continue reading

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A Place For Grace

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After learning how to hold their miniature violins, the next thing 3-year old Suzuki students learn is how to perform a deep, gracious bow. Although the first notes they play will sound like a choking cat, they end their performance with dignity. Bending slowly at the waist, they intone: “One, two, three … hello, toes!” and “One, two, three … up!” Many parents new to the Suzuki method dismiss this exercise as either premature or quaint. (Shouldn’t my child actually … Continue reading

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Two Cultures, One Goal

Late one afternoon last week in my classroom, where the remnants of the day’s lesson on connotation and denotation still remained in bright turquoise marker on my whiteboard, a mom stopped in for an impromptu conference. I was happily surprised. I love meeting with the parents of the middle-schoolers in my English as a Second Language classes, but given the logistics of them needing to pre-schedule a time when our interpreter, Mr. Hassan, is free, I’m generally the one calling … Continue reading

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A Day Older; Hopefully a Day Wiser

As one gets older, one gets wiser.

As I click on the computer calendar preparing to scribe this digital missive, aka the Week-Ender blog, I realize with a slight jolt that I will be turning another day older today; well, actually, another year older–happy birthday to me. It is assumed that as one gets older, one gets wiser as well.  I suppose that varies with each individual, but generally, each minute we survive on this earth we have presumably learned something new.  Thus, each day we should … Continue reading

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