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Prepare Staff For The Worst

Is your camp staff prepared for what it will really encounter during a major incident? Do the members know how long it actually takes emergency crews to arrive on the scene? Have you prepared the facility? Build awareness, knowledge and confidence with all staff members–from counselors-in-training to the camp director–by creating a mock disaster. The secret to hosting a successful training event begins in the planning phase. Here are some tips to get started: Establish Goals Clarifying goals and learning … Continue reading

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Buddy Up!

While visiting many camps, the most dangerous thing I witness repeatedly is lifeguards and waterfront directors who have no idea how or why they do buddy checks, and what they are supposed to be looking for. It almost always goes like this: Me: “Why do kids swim with buddies?” Lifeguard: “It only takes half as long to count them during buddy checks.” Here’s the crux: no matter how often buddy checks are conducted (every 10 minutes, every 5 minutes, etc.), … Continue reading

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Operation Purple Camp

This fall, millions of American children returned to school after a carefree summer break with family. Each year, the National Military Family Association sends children separated from their deployed parents to camp for a different type of break–one from the worries of war. These fun-filled Operation Purple Camps are meant to help the kids through a stressful time and honor their sacrifice. The association created the program in 2004 in response to parents’ requests to “help us help our kids.” … Continue reading

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Pioneer And Frontier Games

Looking to entertain campers on a budget? Try these activities that are sure to please both the wallet and the pickiest camper: Ring-To-Jug Toss With five wooden cross-stitch-type rings, participants stand 5 feet away and toss the rings one at a time toward an old-time stoneware shoulder jug. The winner is the player who gets the most rings on the jug. Milk Can And Softball Toss Using an old, metal milk can, participants stand 5 to 10 feet away and … Continue reading

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Team Building

Throughout the season, camp staff members progress through various levels of group development. These stages are both necessary and normal: –Forming –Storming –Norming –Performing –Transforming You can help your staff navigate each stage by exploring the following activities with them, using the tools and suggestions provided. Forming The Forming Stage is the polite, get-acquainted, ice-breaking phase of group development. This process begins the moment new staff members assemble. Members are just trying to identify who’s who, and where they fit … Continue reading

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