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Programming For Tweens

Way, way back when I started working at Bellingham, Washington Parks and Recreation, (OK it was in 1979) youth programs fell into three age groups: Preschool activities were geared for 3-5 year olds, while children’s programs attracted 6-12 year olds. The minute a child turned 13, they began attending teen programs. However, in the last five or six years, a new “group” has emerged: tweens. Marketers are flocking to this 9-13 year old age group described as having the behavior … Continue reading

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Shiny, Neon, Sparkle Crafts


Why make art projects with ordinary construction paper when you can use neon paper and lots of sparkly stickers? Put on your sunglasses and watch campers shine with creativity using these bright-colored supplies. 1. Neon Paper Sculpture: Cut neon paper into various length strips from 3-8 inches long. The width can vary from 1-4 inches. Give each child a piece of bright-colored paper and 8-10 paper strips. Children can decorate the strips with shiny stickers and sequins. Show children how … Continue reading

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Craft Potpourri


The art of making smelly crafts. Spend any time around kids at camp and you’ll notice some… well… smells. There’s the smell of pancakes in the morning and smoke around the campfire. Let’s not forget the smell of a camper’s suitcase where he stored an entire week of dirty socks. How about incorporating some “good” smells during your craft programs? Using spices, dried flowers and concentrated oils while crafting helps children experience a variety of odors. Odors much more pleasant … Continue reading

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Asbestos-Free Crafts

It was the early summer of 1990, and a time of innocence in the craft world. A time when I had the greatest intention of running high quality, safe day camps in ten locations throughout the city. I eagerly planned goofy games, trained staff and sought out creative activities. While planning the craft program, I came across a book describing a great project called Asbestos Papier Mache. The directions read, “Mix 5 pounds asbestos with 3 cups water to create … Continue reading

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Top Programming Ideas 2006

Great ideas for the New Year of programming, from directors nationwide. It’s hard to believe it’s already 2006… but it is. And what better time to regroup and plan next year’s programs. Whether it’s an involved program, or one that’s a simple icebreaker, our hope is that you’ll glean something practical to use from our annual Programming Ideas feature that will help round out your programming or add that something extra to help with retention and recruitment. Our contributors, representing … Continue reading

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