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A Lesson Worth Learning

“Kids,” now in their 60s, who grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, remember Fish Creek as a babbling brook running through Blueberry Bog at the city’s southern edge. It was a place where moose roamed, salmon swam up the creek to spawn, and bears ate berries, salmon, and an occasional roaming moose. Fast forward 30 years and the landscape had changed dramatically–the babbling brook was gone, replaced with a mostly culverted creek that, where exposed to the air, was in a … Continue reading

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The Winning Edge

With proper programming and
design assessments, competitive
and leisure facilities can co-exist
successfully under one roof.
© Gregg Shupe 2013 |

As awareness of the operational costs of pools has deepened, helped along by years of rising utility costs, an increasing number of municipalities, YMCAs, and swim clubs have joined forces to build aquatic centers that can accommodate both competitive events and recreational activities. Fortunately, the understanding of natatorium-design efficiencies has also deepened. Satisfying all stakeholders in such an arrangement is a matter of solid design principles and sensitive scheduling and management, with both architects and administrators keeping the specific needs … Continue reading

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Destined To Serve


It seems Jerome Krieger was destined for a career in parks and recreation. Growing up across the street from a recreation center in St. Paul, Minn., “[It] was my home away from home,” he says. “I remember all of the great professionals that managed the center and thought how great it would be to have that job one day,” Krieger recalls. “My dream came true, and I was honored to be the director of the NorthDaleRecreationCenter in St. Paul, that … Continue reading

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Letters Hi Ron, I just wanted to say kudos on the great article in PRB (Game Changers, June 2013)! Nikki Sopchak, AICP Planner Parks and Community Services Department Planning and Resource Management Division Fort Worth, Texas —————————————————————————- Word On The Web On “When School Goes In, Seasonal Help Goes Out” Aug. 9 Week-Ender blog: The staff at the East Goshen Township Youth Recreation Camp is wonderful. I have known these kids since they were enrolled in camp- most since first … Continue reading

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A Budding Future

Wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow,
volunteers planted trees, killed
invasives, and laid down mulch
trails throughout the forest.
Photos Courtesy Of City Park Archives

In August 2005, prior to Hurricane Katrina, New OrleansCityPark’s CouturieForest was a healthy area home to a variety of trees, including mature live oaks, bald cypresses, sweetgums, magnolias, pecans, and palmettos. Birds traveling to and from Central and South America stopped to avail themselves of abundant food provided by hackberry, elderberry, and numerous other trees and shrubs. The forest also is the highest point in all of New Orleans. LabordeMountain is a whopping 43 feet above sea level. For those … Continue reading

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