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The Best In Special Events

Don't be sheepish about building a program around your community's strengths. Photo courtesy of Chester County Parks

Let’s face it—if you’re bored with your list of programs, so are your visitors. Seniors can only yell “bingo” so many times, and although the quest for tricks and treats probably never gets old for children at Halloween, it’s probably time to make some changes to the run-of-the-mill menu of programs. What can you do to liven things up? Here is a list of the some of the most unique ideas we found: The Mullet Haul  The Mullet Haul will … Continue reading

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Falling Into Fun

My 5-year-old daughter (with the help of her twin sister) strapped on the speed-and-agility parachute and took off running across the yard. As she ran, she couldn’t resist turning around to see if the parachute was filling with air and, of course, whenever she did, would trip and fall, sprawling out on the ground, arms and legs going whichever way. With a laugh, she’d get back to her feet and do it all over again–to the cheers and encouragement of … Continue reading

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