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Listen, Create, Construct!

The indoor pavilion also can accommodate trade shows, reunions, weddings, banquets, fundraisers, and other special events.
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As many people can attest, building a successful sports and events complex has its challenges. Among the toughest decisions are where the money will come from, which amenities should be included, and how to ensure the complex will be successful. All of these questions can be answered with a little research. Oftentimes, when building a complex that costs millions of dollars, the decision even to move forward can be overwhelming. The city of Kennewick in Washington was in dire need … Continue reading

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Modern-Day Employment

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As I progress in my career, I find certain ideas evolving around executive newcomers. Some of these findings are the result of ambitious youth and some from a revised financial mindset (circa 2008) that sees danger in projects that take too long or tie up too many people. Also, in an age of multi-taskers, modern technology has given people tools, dexterity, and abilities that have diminished the likelihood of success through the once-honored path from mailroom/stock-boy to corporate vice-president. Age … Continue reading

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Pride And Pirate Ships

In discussing a theme for the park, the pirate ship emerged as the most popular.
Photos Courtesy Of Roger Stromgren

The needs of a community can only be articulated by the community at large. And when the conversation is about designing a universal-abilities playground, the needs of children with different types of disabilities must be considered. The city of Brentwood, Calif., did just that when officials met with representatives from the Special Kids Foundation to discuss the needs of the community’s disabled children, and to determine whether the city was meeting those needs. Immediately, 13 disabilities were generalized into five … Continue reading

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Crash Course Cover-Up

It was the winter of 1984 and all the kids on my street were hooked on the Winter Olympics. Each night we tuned into whatever event the network was showing and spent the rest of our non-school hours hosting our own Olympic program in the fields and frozen streams of our Wisconsin home. Of all the “events” we competed that fateful winter, my favorite, by far, was the Wisconsin Bobsled Race. All the kids on my cul-de-sac and my siblings … Continue reading

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In The Flow

One of the benefits of bike-skills parks is that they don't require high obstacles to build confidence and improve ability. 
Courtesy Of Progressive Bike Ramps

If you were to visit Snyderville Basin Recreation District in Park City, Utah, you would find a bike-skills park, flow trail, pump track, and slopestyle trail, all unsupervised, wide-open, and available for your enjoyment. Just grab a bike, take your turn in line, and enjoy the ride. If you fall, get up, dust yourself off, and continue. Learn your limits. Push your limits.  And, increase your skill. But, if you were to travel back in time, say 10 years, you … Continue reading

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