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Children On The Autistic Spectrum

A little understanding goes a long way in helping autistic campers succeed at camp. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / jhandersen

“How’s Max holding up?” I ask a camp director who recently agreed to host this camper with autism. “Um,” she says before pausing. “He did pretty well after the first day. But it’s still not going great with the boys in his cabin.” “Uh oh. What’s up?” I thought of 10-year-old Max’s wild first day at camp—dashing off to do some unauthorized wading in the lake and an impromptu redecorating of his cabin with paint from the craft shop. “Well, … Continue reading

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Bridging The Gap

Working with Generation Y staff can be challenging -- but also rewarding and fun! © Can Stock Photo Inc. / iodrakon / summoners

Generation Y has come to be known by several different titles: The Internet Generation, Echo-Boomers, The Boomlet, Nexters, and most commonly, Millennials. The different classifications suggest the generation is open to many interpretations. As a result, many older camp directors have been left wondering how they can understand the working behaviors of their younger adult staff. As an extension to a recent conference workshop discussing staff entitlement, camp directors acknowledged similar difficulties in how they might “deal” with the enigmatic … Continue reading

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Staff Pointers

Camps are the most powerful counter-cultural mechanism there is for positive youth development. Founding directors wove military, Native American, pioneer, folk and religious traditions into a unique tapestry. And although the traditions have evolved, the core of what makes camp matchless has not. Whether day or resident, high-quality camps provide young people with an experience in community living, away from home, in a beautiful natural setting, with a recreational premise. No other experience provides those four elements in combination. In … Continue reading

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Great Customer Service

Happy campers are happy customers! © Can Stock Photo Inc. / mandygodbehear

We’ve all heard the sayings, “The customer is always right,” and “The customer may not always be right, but he or she is always the customer.” These phrases are attempts to simplify a complicated issue. Customer service is not about right and wrong, but about how the customer feels. In order to provide quality customer service, we need to understand who our customers are, how to be intentional with our words, how to exceed our customers’ expectations, and, if necessary, … Continue reading

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