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Call Attention To Drowning Prevention

All children should be taught how to swim.

In the winter of 2010, there were five drowning incidents in the city of Chandler, Ariz. These tragedies prompted the city’s fire department and aquatic division to develop a drowning-prevention coalition. The partnership’s mission was simple—to increase awareness of these unfortunate accidents, and to prevent future drowning incidents throughout the community. Creating Community Awareness Last summer, the aquatic division created a series of public-service videos regarding healthy swim habits, aquatic pool rules, and sun safety, and posted a “Pool Safely” … Continue reading

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Make Filter Media Last

How often should you backwash your pool's filter? Hawthorne Gospel Church, Hawthorne, NJ

Like any other pool component, filter media must be maintained to ensure a long and productive life. But what exactly does that mean? Are pool operators doing what is expected to stretch every dollar to capacity? Take a look at the recommendations below for backwashing and cleaning a cartridge filter properly. How often should a filter be backwashed? Backwashing is defined as the process of cleaning a swimming-pool filter by reversing the flow of water through the filter. Only sand … Continue reading

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Deep Pockets Not Required

Happy customers help grown the program.

In group classes—such as water aerobics and deep-water toning—camaraderie is typically one of the characteristics participants appreciate. But the one aspect of the program that might be self-sustaining is the funding. The town of Cedarburg in Wisconsin discovered a way to offer a toning program that is entirely self-supporting, meaning taxpayers do not subsidize it. In fact, all of the programs offered by the department—Little League, flag football, pickleball, and deep-water toning—stand on their own. Sponsorships from area businesses and … Continue reading

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Tap Additional Revenue Streams

Spread the news about your water exercise programs via social media, like Facebook or Pinterest.

Since water aerobics at the city of Sacramento’s swimming pools began in 2001, adults in the community have gleefully anticipated the opening of the pools each summer. In summer 2012, attendance for water aerobics at three swimming pools totaled more than 2,500 visitors! More than 70-million Baby Boomers, as well as older seniors, are looking for cool places to exercise. Since summers in southern California can be very warm with average temperatures reaching 90 degrees in the afternoons, water exercise … Continue reading

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Embrace Adaptation

Larry French stood in the marina in Safety Harbor, Fla., eyeing kayaks on a trailer. The 67-year-old above-elbow amputee looked at his right arm, which ended just 4 inches below his shoulder, and said to himself, “I can do that. I can kayak.” French began to mentally sketch a limb with one purpose—functionality. French had tried traditional full-length adult prosthetics before, but found them to be too long, heavy, painful, and cumbersome. Determined to kayak, he met with his Veterans … Continue reading

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