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Master Difficult Conversations

Do some planning before having that heart-to-heart conversation with an employee. © Can Stock Photo Inc. - AndreyPopov

One of the ironies of our technologically connected world is that people have great difficulty communicating with each other face-to-face. Managers who have to approach situations with political correctness or deal with thin-skinned coworkers or subordinates sometimes find it difficult to be candid without crossing the line. It takes effort to be direct while being tactful, to be crisp without being rude. However, it is a key management skill and a critical success factor that will serve you well throughout … Continue reading

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“Disc-overing” Disc Golf

Disc golf is a great way to make use of otherwise unusable park land. Photo Courtesy of Wesley Greco of Geneva

Having trouble deciding what to do with that underutilized piece of park land that doesn’t fit into any specific programming niche and no money to alter the site? Why not consider a disc-golf course? In the spring of 2012, the city of Geneva (pop: 13,000) in western New York and a crew of volunteers turned an underutilized park area into an inexpensive, family-friendly recreation hub. Define Disc Golf Disc golf is like traditional golf, except that players use specialized discs … Continue reading

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Student Union

Field trips like this hike through rocky terrain keep teens interested in the program. Photo Courtesy City of Gaithersburg

High-school students have a variety of options for after-school activities—some more constructive than others. So how do you connect with teenagers and engage them in the healthy, positive, and productive options? How do you convince them that staying after school for a fitness class or volunteering at the local soup kitchen is more exciting than a trip to the mall with friends or going home to play video games? The answer is simple, and takes less effort than one might … Continue reading

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Searching For A Solution

Feeding the ducks at your local park isn't all it's quacked up to be. Photo courtesy of Mark A. Patterson

A young duckling emerges from the shallow, cool waters of his birth lake and creeps warily through the tall, damp cattails. The sun’s rays begin to dry the previous night’s dew. He shakes the last droplets of lake water onto the ground while following his mother on their morning trek. Within moments, he leaves the confines of the water and surrounding vegetation to enter a landscape of freshly mowed grasses and manicured beds. The duckling’s instincts tug at him as … Continue reading

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Planting Trees During A Drought

Volunteers plant one of the 9,000 trees that have been added to the San Antonio, Texas, parks since 2010. Photo courtesy of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department

San Antonio City Forester Michael Nentwich concedes not everyone thought the 2010 massive campaign to plant 9,000 trees in San Antonio parks was a great idea, given the ongoing challenge of South Texas’ earth-baking droughts. Two years and a historic, extended drought later, the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department is happy to report an 83-percent survival rate for trees planted in city-owned parks during the first year of the campaign. The second year proved to be tougher, but the … Continue reading

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