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Be A Good Neighbor

Is your camp a good waterfront neighbor? Photo courtesy of Brenda Moreau

Imagine the sounds of a peaceful lake in the mountains on a summer morning–the birds chirping, fish jumping out of the water for a bite to eat and splashing back in, and the spinning of a reel as you cast off to pull in the first catch of the day. This is one form of summertime bliss heard in the wooded playground of the camp’s surroundings. For you, the more familiar sound is of children laughing, playing, and building skills … Continue reading

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A Unique Setting

A camper waters plants at Farm Camp. Photo courtesy of NPS/Ted Toth

Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park isn’t the only national park to host residential camps and programs for children, but it is one of the first, says Stacey Heffernan, director of the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center (CVEEC). The campus opened in 1994, and encompasses 500 acres. The specific piece of land in Peninsula, Ohio, is closed to the public, giving children the chance to openly explore relatively unspoiled nature. Operated in partnership with the National Park Service and the Conservancy … Continue reading

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Family Meals

Three knuckleheads posing when they were told not to pose!

The first thing we purchased when we moved into our house was a large, rectangular, expandable kitchen table. We didn’t have the money for it, and had a lot of other items competing for our attention–a couch, a yard–but we knew a kitchen table was our only true need. During the week, it easily fits all seven of the Auths, and during special events–birthday parties, graduations, dinner parties–it expands to seat 12 or 14, if we get creative with folding … Continue reading

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