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5 comments on “Learn

  1. Ronnie Floyd on said:

    I can’t remember my log in user name or my password to sign in and keep our ParksNReviews.com listing active or if we even have a listing. Could you please check and see and let me know what I’m supposed to do if we do have a listing?
    Thank You,
    Ronnie Floyd

  2. larry Gilbert on said:

    I would like to set up a free listing in LAFirmsNReviews and whein I tried was asked for user name and password. show me how to get one.

  3. George Loney on said:

    Is Canada serviceable? I find so many of these types of advertisements are not available in Canada? Is there Canadian representatives?

  4. Al Ferreira on said:

    I do not have a user name or password. How do I get one so I can login and try the stuff you keep e-mailing me about?


    • Hi, Al!

      It’s really very easy. If you are a subscriber and get our print edition of Camp Business, your user name will be right on your mailing label (user1234, or something like that). All subscribers are automatically Insiders. If you aren’t a subscriber yet, all you need to do is sign up for a free subscription. Here is the link to our Insider program, which includes information on Insider benefits, setting/changing passwords, subscribing and more: http://www.northstarpubs.com/articles/cb/your-free-insider-benefits. Or you can call us at 866-444-4216, x223.

      I hope this helps!

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