Once you have purchased and created your buyer’s guide listing, you are eligible to respond to projects in our online Bid and QuickQuote system.

Bids and QuickQuotes are generated when one of our 45,000 subscribers logs into their Insider account and creates or uploads a public bid, request for proposal or request for qualification.

As part of this process, they choose which product categories are relevant for their project. If the product categories they choose are the same one’s YOU chose when you created your buyer’s guide listing, you will be notified via email that a Bid or QuickQuote is available for review on your Insider Dashboard.

You have the option of clicking the link provided to view the Bid or QuickQuote details and, if you decide to respond, will be directed to log in to your Insider account.

Please Note: It costs $10 to respond to a Public Bid (i.e.: funded project). This fee is in addition to the annual buyer’s guide listing fee. There is NO COST to respond to a QuickQuote (i.e.: non-funded project). You will be notified before credits are deducted from your account.

You can view Bids and QuickQuotes currently in our system at:


Bids & QuickQuotes Tutorial

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