Sports Injuries Guidebook By Robert Gotlin Injuries happen. So be prepared. Have the answers. Rely on the guidance of 25 leading sports physicians and therapists. Rely on Sports Injuries Guidebook. This authoritative, quick reference, full-color guide provides coverage of over 130 injuries, including: Concussion, Eye Injuries, Whiplash, Rotator Cuff Tear, Tennis Elbow, Sprains & Strains , Abdominal Trauma, Herniated Disc, IT Band Syndrome, Patellar Tendinitis, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis. Regular Price: $24.95 © 2008 Paper Book 304 pages ISBN-13: 9780736063395 Buy Now

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Applied Research and Evaluation Methods in Recreation Print & eBook Package By Diane Blankenship Applied Research and Evaluation Methods in Recreation is the only text that integrates research, evaluation, and basic statistical analysis and links these concepts directly to the field. Using a logical format and accessible language, the book presents students with the foundational knowledge they need to move through the research process. Regular Price: $66.00 © 2010 Package Book with online resource ISBN-13: 9780736091428 Buy Now

Outdoor Site and Facility Management  Tools for Creating Memorable Places By Wynne Whyman Outdoor Site and Facility Management is a perfect resource for anyone charged with managing and maintaining properties. The book offers a broad perspective of property management for a variety of organizations as well as creative strategies to manage day-to-day operations and a CD-ROM with editable forms, checklists, job descriptions, and more. Regular Price $45 © 2008 Paper w/CD Book CD 232 pages ISBN-13: 9780736068451 Buy Now

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