Lifeguard Training Activities and Games By Susan Grosse Lifeguard Training Activities and Games is a complete resource for aquatics managers or lifeguard supervisors responsible for conducting site-specific on-the-job training for lifeguards. The compilation of games, skill drills, activities, and guidance enhances training and conditioning of lifeguards and creates a high-performing staff. Throughout the book, the focus is on keeping activities fun and engaging to promote participation and ensure your lifeguards acquire the skills they need in order to take action in an emergency. Regular Price: $30.00 © 2009 Paper Book 256 pages ISBN-13: 9780736079297 Buy Now

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Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age  Using Technology to Develop Effective Groups By Brent Wolfe, Colbey Sparkman Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age will help you promote interpersonal communication and encourage young people to express their individuality and build face-to-face relationships. The activities use the technology that today’s young adults thrive on (including cell phones, social networking sites, MP3 players, blogs, and digital cameras) as an opportunity for education and enlightenment. Regular Price: $24.00 © 2010 Paper Book 208 pages ISBN-13: 9780736079921 Buy Now

Scooter Games By Tony Larson Scooter Games offers 100-plus creative and challenging games for kids to learn cooperative play, teamwork, problem solving, and sportsmanship while enjoying a fun physical activity. Includes interdisciplinary activities. These games provide a refreshing break from the SOS (same old stuff) they’ve grown accustomed to. Regular Price: $20.00 © 2010 Paper Book 208 pages ISBN-13: 9780736065276 Buy Now

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Emergency Care/First Aid

Sport First Aid-4th Edition By Melinda Flegel As a coach, you’re likely the first on the scene when one of your athletes falls ill or suffers an injury on the field of play. Are you prepared to respond? What exactly is expected of you—by your athletes, their parents, and the law? Regular Price: $39.95 © 2008 Paper Book 328 pages ISBN-13: 9780736076012 Buy Now

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