A Step Ahead Collected Essays By Ron Ciancutti Love Ron’s monthly column in PRB (Parks & Rec Business) magazine? Well, this is your chance to order the best of his columns (from 2002 till today) in one handsome volume organized by topic – and delivered directly to your door. The best part? Ron’s new book talks about how he got “into this gig” (as he puts it) and includes a new, fictional short-story that features all his favorite topics (love, redemption, forgiveness, humanity) in one neat package. If you love his column, you’ll love this book. To order, call (216) 635-3230. Regular Price: $9.95 © 2008 Paper Book ISBN: 978-0-9702071-1-1

Essential Ultimate Teaching, Coaching, Playing By Michael Baccarini, Tiina Booth Essential Ultimate contains all the vital information for teaching and coaching players to learn and achieve in the sport. Including principles of throwing and catching, offensive and defensive skills, and individual and team concepts and strategies, this guide will lead any teacher, coach, or player to success in ultimate competition. Regular Price: $19.95 © 2008 Paper Book 192 pages ISBN-13: 9780736050937 Buy Now

Complete Emergency Care By American Safety & Health Institute Inc., Human Kinetics Complete Emergency Care is the first text to combine training in bloodborne pathogens, first aid, CPR, and emergency oxygen all in one book. Readers will be better prepared to respond in emergencies and even save lives by developing both the knowledge and the confidence to manage emergency situations until advanced medical help arrives. Regular Price: $19.00 © 2007 Paper Book 176 pages ISBN-13: 9780736067171 Buy Now

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Career Development in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism eBook A Positioning Approach By Robert Kauffman Career Development in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism: A Positioning Approach e-book outlines a step-by-step plan for career development based on the technique of positioning. This text will help students decide on the job they want and then begin building the skills, experiences, and professional connections they need in order to get the job. Regular Price: $22.00 © 2010 Adobe Digital Editions eBook ISBN-13: 9780736087476 Buy Now

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