A Step Ahead

Collected Essays
By Ron Ciancutti

Love Ron’s monthly column in PRB (Parks & Rec Business) magazine? Well, this is your chance to order the best of his columns (from 2002 till today) in one handsome volume organized by topic – and delivered directly to your door.

The best part? Ron’s new book talks about how he got “into this gig” (as he puts it) and includes a new, fictional short-story that features all his favorite topics (love, redemption, forgiveness, humanity) in one neat package. If you love his column, you’ll love this book.

To order, call (216) 635-3230.

Regular Price: $9.95
© 2008
Paper Book
ISBN: 978-0-9702071-1-1

Essential Ultimate
Teaching, Coaching, Playing
By Michael Baccarini, Tiina Booth

Essential Ultimate contains all the vital information for teaching and coaching players to learn and achieve in the sport. Including principles of throwing and catching, offensive and defensive skills, and individual and team concepts and strategies, this guide will lead any teacher, coach, or player to success in ultimate competition.

Regular Price: $19.95
© 2008
Paper Book 192 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736050937

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Complete Emergency Care
By American Safety & Health Institute Inc., Human Kinetics Complete Emergency Care is the first text to combine training in bloodborne pathogens, first aid, CPR, and emergency oxygen all in one book. Readers will be better prepared to respond in emergencies and even save lives by developing both the knowledge and the confidence to manage emergency situations until advanced medical help arrives.

Regular Price: $19.00
© 2007
Paper Book 176 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736067171

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Staff and Volunteer Training

Career Development in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism eBook

A Positioning Approach
By Robert Kauffman

Career Development in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism: A Positioning Approach e-book outlines a step-by-step plan for career development based on the technique of positioning. This text will help students decide on the job they want and then begin building the skills, experiences, and professional connections they need in order to get the job.

Regular Price: $22.00
© 2010
Adobe Digital Editions
ISBN-13: 9780736087476

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Lifeguard Training Activities and Games
By Susan Grosse

Lifeguard Training Activities and Games is a complete resource for aquatics managers or lifeguard supervisors responsible for conducting site-specific on-the-job training for lifeguards. The compilation of games, skill drills, activities, and guidance enhances training and conditioning of lifeguards and creates a high-performing staff. Throughout the book, the focus is on keeping activities fun and engaging to promote participation and ensure your lifeguards acquire the skills they need in order to take action in an emergency.

Regular Price: $30.00
© 2009
Paper Book 256 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736079297

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Activities & Games

Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age 
Using Technology to Develop Effective Groups
By Brent Wolfe, Colbey Sparkman

Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age will help you promote interpersonal communication and encourage young people to express their individuality and build face-to-face relationships. The activities use the technology that today’s young adults thrive on (including cell phones, social networking sites, MP3 players, blogs, and digital cameras) as an opportunity for education and enlightenment.

Regular Price: $24.00
© 2010
Paper Book 208 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736079921

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Scooter Games
By Tony Larson

Scooter Games offers 100-plus creative and challenging games for kids to learn cooperative play, teamwork, problem solving, and sportsmanship while enjoying a fun physical activity. Includes interdisciplinary activities. These games provide a refreshing break from the SOS (same old stuff) they’ve grown accustomed to.

Regular Price: $20.00
© 2010
Paper Book 208 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736065276

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Emergency Care/First Aid

Sport First Aid-4th Edition
By Melinda Flegel
As a coach, you’re likely the first on the scene when one of your athletes falls ill or suffers an injury on the field of play. Are you prepared to respond? What exactly is expected of you—by your athletes, their parents, and the law?

Regular Price: $39.95
© 2008
Paper Book 328 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736076012

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Sports Injuries Guidebook
By Robert Gotlin

Injuries happen. So be prepared. Have the answers. Rely on the guidance of 25 leading sports physicians and therapists. Rely on Sports Injuries Guidebook. This authoritative, quick reference, full-color guide provides coverage of over 130 injuries, including: Concussion, Eye Injuries, Whiplash, Rotator Cuff Tear, Tennis Elbow, Sprains & Strains , Abdominal Trauma, Herniated Disc, IT Band Syndrome, Patellar Tendinitis, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis.

Regular Price: $24.95
© 2008
Paper Book 304 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736063395

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Management and Facilities

Applied Research and Evaluation Methods in Recreation

Print & eBook Package
By Diane Blankenship

Applied Research and Evaluation Methods in Recreation
is the only text that integrates research, evaluation, and basic statistical analysis and links these concepts directly to the field. Using a logical format and accessible language, the book presents students with the foundational knowledge they need to move through the research process.

Regular Price: $66.00
© 2010
Book with online resource
ISBN-13: 9780736091428

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Outdoor Site and Facility Management 

Tools for Creating Memorable Places
By Wynne Whyman

Outdoor Site and Facility Management is a perfect resource for anyone charged with managing and maintaining properties. The book offers a broad perspective of property management for a variety of organizations as well as creative strategies to manage day-to-day operations and a CD-ROM with editable forms, checklists, job descriptions, and more.

Regular Price $45
© 2008
Paper w/CD
Book CD 232 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736068451

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Recreational Sport

Managing Risk in Sport and Recreation
The Essential Guide for Loss Prevention
By Katharine Nohr

Sport risk management is a key component of any sport and recreation program. To run a successful program, not only do you have to look after the safety and well-being of your participants, but you also need to protect the best interests of your organization.

Regular Price: $50.00
© 2009
Cloth w/CD Book/CD 408 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736069335

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Organizing Successful Tournaments-3rd Edition
By John Byl

Stay organized with Organizing Successful Tournaments. Loaded with more than 1,000 bracket and schedule templates, this book–CD-ROM package is the must-have tool for organizing well-run tournaments and leagues. Every type of tournament is covered and the CD-ROM is programmed to automatically generate draw sheets based on your input.

Regular Price: $29.95
© 2006
Paper w/CD Book/CD 176 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736059527

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