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Whenever you advertise with Camp Business, PRB (Parks & Rec Business) or Landscape Architect Business magazine, you are automatically enrolled in our Request Literature Program.

This program allows our 45,000 subscribers to request information from you via our:

1. Website

2. Monthly Request Literature Email

3. Printed Response Cards in the magazine

4. Online Subscription Form

To access your leads, simply log in to your Insider Dashboard and click the BLUE number indicating how many leads you have available. Please note: Your leads never expire, so you can access them again and again at your convenience.

Want to know how your ads are performing? Need a quick report to take into a marketing meeting with the boss? Run the Literature Requests Report from the Results & Reports portion of your Insider dashboard.

Request Literature Tutorial

Contact Your Account Executive

Toll Free: 866-444-4216

Fax: 330-723-6598

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