Hayward Announces “Pass The Salt” Contest

Elizabeth, NJ — Hayward Pool Products is challenging their Hayward Salt Chlorination fans to make a splash for cash this spring by entering its “Pass the Salt” Video Testimonial Contest with cash prizes totaling more than $1,500. 

Entries are being accepted now through April 27, 2014, at Hayward’s Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/HaywardPoolProducts or at http://haywardvideo.com/.  Each 30-second-or-less video submitted must embody one of three themes: the Comfort of the soft water, the Convenience of automating chlorination, or the Cost savings salt chlorination offers over traditional chemical chlorine,  and must fall within one of three categories: Kids/Family, Creative, or Fun/Funny.   Hayward encourages creativity in this video testimonial contest as long as the videos are deemed appropriate for the Hayward brand.  

Videos will be judged based upon a combination of three criterions: creativity, adherence to rules, and illustration of one of the three themes. Each criterion will be given a score of 1-to-100, with the highest scoring video awarded the $500 Grand Prize. Additionally, Hayward will award three Kids and Family Prizes, $250, $100 and $25; three Fun and Funny Prizes, $250, $100 and $25; and three Creative Prizes, $250, $100 and $25.

According to Hayward Global Senior Product Manager of Sanitization and Chemical Automation Ray Denkewicz, “We’re constantly hearing from customers, how much they love their salt chlorinated pools. We decided to reward them for telling us why.  The 3C’s of salt chlorination sell salt through word of mouth.  By the 3C’s we mean the Comfort of the silky-soft water that doesn’t turn eyes red, the Convenience of automated chlorination that relieves you of having to handle harsh chemical chlorine, and the Cost savings of 50 percent or more over traditional chemical chlorine costs. We’ll let fans tell their stories and give them a chance to win one of our cash prizes for doing so – we can’t wait to see the videos.”

Follow these links for more information on “Pass the Salt Video Contest” and for the complete rules: on Hayward’s Facebook page or on Hayward’s web site.

For more information, images or to schedule an interview with a Hayward spokesperson, please contact Gary Young at 908.351.5400 x4252 or pr@haywardnet.com.

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