Young Naturalist Camps

“A Night with the Stars” offers kids and their family a look through the telescope at seas and craters of the moon and the brightest stars and constellations. While stretched out on a little knoll by the pond at Wolf Creek, families can listen to an amateur astronomer tell ancient stories of the night sky.

No nature camp is complete without learning a little about people who were most passionate about our earth. “Native Americans in your Backyard” is a program that teaches youngsters about the people who lived in their backyard 10,000 years ago. Who were these natives, what were they like, and what skills did they use to survive? An expert on Native American culture is the presenter.

Have your kids ever been lost in the woods? They can learn the basics of orienteering with a compass, Native American trail signs and other fun games in “Lost in the Woods.”

These nature camps throughout the summer provide not only fun but also a means to cultivate environmental concerns that will take root and blossom in youngsters.

Demetra Mihevic is a naturalist, freelance writer and the author of three published books, including To Cherish The Earth, a nature resource book for adults working with children. She may be reached via e-mail at or by calling 330-722-4558.

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