Wringing Out The Water

There isn’t any one secret to keeping a field in good repair; rather, regular upkeep and proactive care will ensure a better playing surface over time. Like the athletes who play on it, staying in shape is the key to long-term health for the field.

Note: The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) is a non-profit association helping designers, builders, owners, operators, and users understand quality sports-facility construction. The ASBA sponsors informative meetings and publishes newsletters, books, and technical construction guidelines for athletic facilities, including indoor sports surfaces. Available at no charge is a listing of all publications offered by the Association, as well as the ASBA’s Membership Directory. Info: 866-501-ASBA (2722) or www.sportsbuilders.org.

Mary Helen Sprecher has been a technical writer for more than 20 years with the American Sports Builders Association. She has written on various topics relating to sports-facility design, construction and supply, as well as sports medicine, education, and health and industrial issues. She is an avid racquetball and squash player, and a full-time newspaper reporter in Baltimore, Md.

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One comment on “Wringing Out The Water

  1. Arnold Plowman on said:

    We are aware of only one panel drain manufacturer that will sell it’s panel drain without a geotextile wrap for use in natural turf (for competative pricing reasons). Having drained thousands of fields with our fabric wrapped product we would never consider giving up the improved performance and longevity of the system to save a few pennies per foot.

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