Women Should “Divot A Try”

As with the fashion show, everyone had fun–and the golf was only part of it.

Season II–Improving The Program

Because of the success we had last year, this year’s “Divot a Try” season will kick off earlier, in April, with our “Spring Swing” event. Like the program itself, “Spring Swing” is open to any woman who wants to try her hand at golf.

For our “Divot a Try” graduates, those ladies who feel they’re ready to play more league-style golf, we’re offering a Tuesday evening ladies league at the Lincoln Park course.

In the end, we learned that, by providing a light-hearted, no-pressure approach to golf, women in our area learned golf etiquette, safety and rules of the game, and also developed the confidence to play the game in other social settings. And, of course, they laughed, a lot, which is yet another reason to invite your women to “Divot a Try.”

Brandy Chaffee is Communications Specialist for the Grand Forks Park District in Grand Forks, S.D. She can be reached via e-mail at brandyc@gfparks.org.

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