Winning Over Residents

• It must be clean, safe, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Public Buy-In

To involve the public in the planning process, a project Web site was developed and updated at each stage of planning, up to the sales-tax measure vote. The Web site initially included an online survey form that allowed the community residents to give their opinions on the types of desired amenities.

Over 3,000 people responded to the survey, which not only helped customize the facility, but also facilitated participation and buy-in from the public from the start. This was a huge factor in the ultimate success of the vote.

Red-Carpet Reviews

Named for its proximity to Kenwood Park, Kenwood Cove opened in June 2010, and averages about 2,100 visitors each day. The facility includes the following amenities:

• Long, meandering river

• Raging river ride

• Wave pool

• High-tower slide complex with five slides

• Themed “kiddie play” island with interactive spray/play features

• Floating obstacle course

• Adult relaxation area

• Beach-style entries

• Lap/competition pool

• High and low diving

• Themed landscaping

• Shade structures

• Full concessions

• Rental cabanas

• Family changing rooms

• State-of-the-art water treatment and filtration systems.

To view the facility, visit

Kevin McElyea, PE, is a principal and lead aquatic designer with Aquatic Design Consultants Inc. in Louisburg, Kan. He can be reached at For more information on the firm, visit

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