Wildlife-Friendly Golf Courses

What is best part? This simple program really works. I have had amazing wildlife encounters on golf courses, and I run a nature center! I have seen osprey, various hawks, coyotes, mink and even nesting Eastern Kingbirds, all on suburban golf courses.

As a naturalist, I have truly enjoyed working with courses in the metro-Minneapolis/St. Paul area (testing water, designing brochures, completing wildlife surveys, etc.) and would encourage you and your staff to join in the fun. If you are a naturalist or other park employee, I invite you to get involved in this great program and help bring about more habitat conservation in your area.

Dr. Karen I. Shragg is Director of The City of Richfield’s Woodlake Nature Center in Richfield, Minn. She can be reached via e-mail at kshragg@cityofrichfield.org.

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