When Is Competition Counterproductive?

I read with great interest Ron Ciancutti’s article entitled “The Jaws of Life” in the PRB March 2011, and as I often find myself doing, I agreed and identified with his points. His basic point, at least as I took it, was that modern life and basic human nature seem to create competitive attitudes and actions where they aren’t necessarily needed nor do they lead to anything positive. In the extreme form, this can lead to violent behavior. His examples …


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One comment on “When Is Competition Counterproductive?

  1. Wiser on said:

    Great article, sir. I’ve often taken a philosophical approach to this very issue and it has come to my attention that competition, more often than not, does indeed become counter-productive. As the infamous President Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided cannot stand.” I believe he is correct, it is by this spirit of cooperation and the idea of greatness that should prompt everyone to simply work together. Also an issue of simple mathematics; 2 major and highly effective pharmaceutical corporations working together to improve the quality of life is better than one. Instead of harassing each other, trying to run each other out of business, and/or keeping secrets from each other, they could easily become a more powerful force by simply worked together. I feel almost as if the world is run by children that just want to win rather than act like true adults by overcoming petty differences and prejudices.

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