We Live In a Dirty World

There are things people like you and I can do, too.

At my house, we have a modest three-bin recycle container for plastic, cardboard, and aluminum cans. We take the cardboard and plastic, along with magazines and newspapers, to a nearby city recycle center; we take the cans to a local recycle area that pays for aluminum, and my son gets to keep the proceeds–he is learning the economy of recycling firsthand.

It is amazing how much this little initiative keeps bulk out of the trash can. We’ve been able to go from two curbside trash cans to one, and we don’t always fill that one up.

A friend of mine often said he approached big problems like he’d eat an elephant–one little bite at a time.

Trash is a big, big elephant in our world, and while big things have to happen to make it better, we can also gnaw away at it, too, one little bite at a time.

So does anybody have any ideas that average people can use on a daily basis to help reduce our trash footprint? Share some of your recycle stories with PRB readers!

Randy Gaddo, a retired Marine who also served for 15 years in municipal parks and recreation, is now a full-time photojournalist who lives in Peachtree City, Ga.; he can be reached at (678) 350-8642 or email cwo4usmc@comcast.net.

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