Urgent Life

We’ve made losing “okay” all the time. At least you tried. No real pressure anymore. None. Maybe you need to be a little tougher on yourselves. Ask yourself some tough questions.

Are you really getting all you can out of yourself?

Are you taking advantage of the advantages your parents have given you?

Could you reach higher, push yourself a little more? Probably not; after all you must be exhausted from all those hours of productive video games you played all night. I hear you’re the best.

Ronald D. Ciancutti is the purchasing manager for Cleveland Metroparks, a metropolitan park system that encircles Cuyahoga County and includes more than 20,000 acres of natural land, six golf courses, seven nature centers, a variety of special interest facilities and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Ron can be reached at rdc@clevelandmetroparks.com.

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