Put People First

I’m a big fan of U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy from South Carolina. His vocabulary, direct approach, and strict demeanor are all traits that translate to me a man of character and solidarity. He has the ability to ask the tough questions and say the unpopular thing that has to be said, no matter how uncomfortable it might make the other person or himself. I respect that as a man and I respect that as a professional. Saying the embarrassing thing or posing the uncomfortable …


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2 comments on “Put People First

  1. Gary Forster on said:

    Trey Gowdy did an awfully lot of “table banging and window rattling” when he supported the government shut-down; an incredibly costly and wasteful act of defiance instead of working toward any real solutions.

    • Yes. So noted. But my father, the man I admire in the same article, was someone I always respected; 80% of the time I agreed with him and 20% I didn’t. That didn’t make him wrong; just his own man. I respectfully appreciate your contribution, Gary. Thank you.

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