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Now you have the basic utilization of your facilities in order. How do you maintain the conditions? This is where the budget comes into play, and the budget should reflect your needs. Is it equipment or material, such as fertilizer or top dressing?

If your community wants to be in the recreation business they need to make accommodations to maintain quality, safe conditions. If your organization is not committed then they should re-think their position.

I know this may sound harsh, but think about it, this is your image or reflection. Poorly maintained fields are an accident waiting to happen.

Now I know many of you are thinking this all sounds good but I don’t have the budget to maintain the fields in great condition. The cost of fertilizer, grass seed, top dressing and equipment is very expensive. Once again, build relationships with your neighbors, develop a buying group, and seek out co-ops you can join for a reasonable cost. As mentioned earlier, there is power in numbers, take full advantage of this when purchasing material and equipment.

So, to recap some thoughts and ideas that will help you to develop you fields:

* Network with your neighbors. What do they have that you might need? Specialized equipment, aerifiers, top dressers, seeders, knowledge –- share it!

* Think outside the box! Look for alternative locations for practice and game day and rotate field use. Move goals on soccer fields from practice to practice; this will distribute the wearing of the turf at the net.

* Seek advice from turfgrass experts in your area. Golf course superintendents, local colleges and universities, and other field maintenance personnel. This is a great source of knowledge.

* Build that relationship with other groups and organizations, and develop a buying group or co-op for both materials and equipment.

Sean P. McHugh, CGCS, is Chief Superintendent of Golf, Turf Grass Division, Cleveland Metroparks and can be reached for questions at spm@clevelandmetroparks.com

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